Spring into Service Unity Fest

May 14, 2022, 12:00PM-2:30PM

Virtual Meeting: ID # 82876447784 – PW: unity2021
contact: William K. 757-768-0886 / Windy B. 347-286-6543

Entertainment & Fundraising For ECCNA25

 “The Purpose of the East Coast Convention is to make accessible a convention that is cost effective for attendants and to supply the Basic Text to jails and prisons. To coordinate and conduct a convention that will bring our fellowship together in a celebration of recovery.” 

Fundraising Plans:

– Selling Various NA T-shirts, $5 or 10 each (at pool party, Brunswick stew, local meetings, etc). Please see flyer below.

– Raffle: 2 tickets with one hotel room (two beds) to AVCNA (no food) Tickets will be $10 each, we purchase multiple books of 10 tickets – raffle will be held at Brunswick stew

– Goal to sell 200 tix, raise $2000 minus cost of event

– Raffle: 2 tix with one hotel room (two beds) for ECCNA

– Raffle to be started Nov 2021 until March 2022

– Collaboration with Brunswick stew, 50/50 raffle

– Speaker Breakfast with One Arm Tom or at McLeans (Nov-Dec)